Happy teams accomplish amazing things

Critical feedback to make the right decisions

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Based on best practices

Designed for you to create your own feedback model based on your needs.

Effective action

Quickly go from analysis to action with immediate reports and results.

Robust analysis

Focused diagnostics and surveys for a detailed analysis.

Gráficas de talento

Make the right questions

Make use of our questions and questionnaires catalogs designed by experts. Use them as they are or adapt them to your needs.

Safe and secure process

Employee feedback is one of the greatest assets of an organization, but only if it is authentic. With Sphere they have a secure space that protects their identity so they can be completely honest.

Understand the current situation

Sphere helps you identify the areas with the greatest opportunity. Immediate easy to interpret reports help you transform results into action.

Adhoc customization

Segment and compare your organization the way you need. Create custom surveys to address specific problems.

Take advantage of the information to understand your staff

Visualize patterns and trends over time in different areas. Get a clear picture of why employees leave the organization. Use segments to analyze more deeply.

Feedback based culture

Managers and teams have the information they need to find focus and create plans based on true feeling and thinking of their people.

Luis Gamboa

"Sphere provides us with a complete support to streghten the operational team. It brings us clarity for the decisions we make as well as for the path we need to follow so this project can grow. Sphere allowed us to develop the team of leaders that transcend."

Lic. Luis Gamboa
Head of Human Resources - Kalischatarra


Kalisch Chatarra
Kalisch Fierro y Acero

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