Get to know and manage your team's performance

Performance assessments and goal monitoring

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Aligned efforts

Individual objectives so that each member knows where to focus their efforts.

Easy for all

Intuitive and transparent process that encourages and facilitates the achievement of strategic goals.

Track the performance

Help your managers and leaders track and measure the performance of their teams.

Gráficas de talento

Easy to implement

Quickly capture objectives and report compliance. Visualize the performance of your staff at different stages and take necessary actions at the right time.

Versatile and adaptable

Set and manage goals for you and your team. Set priorities and weights according to your needs. Align individual objectives with those of the organization to ensure that everything is moving in the same direction.

Recognize your high performance staff

Quickly know the average performance of your staff. Identify who is your high performance staff and who is your risk staff.

Pilar Gonzalez

"Sphere has allowed us to establish performance evaluation processes that match the nature of our business as well as the challenges we have set for ourselves in order to drive high perfomance in leaders and teams."

Dra. Pilar Gonzalez
Director of organizational development - Gamma Partners


Kalisch Chatarra
Kalisch Fierro y Acero

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Identify the strengths of your staff to manage their development effectively. Get feedback from the right people at the right time.

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Create a true high performance culture. Get everyone on the same path by creating and managing agile goals.

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How do people really feel? Measure how happy, frustrated or worn out your work team is. Get the necessary feedback to create an unstoppable culture.

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