Know the strengths of your staff

Take your team to its best version

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Develop your staff

The complete platform to get feedback from the right people at the right time.

360° assessments

Reduce bias by including multiple sources of information. Honest assessments through anonymous feedback.

Inspiration to improve

Allow your staff to be part of their own development with an easy-to-use platform for all.

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Affinity with the position

Does your staff have the necessary skills to fill their position? Do you have the tools to know this? With Sphere, you can create 360° evaluations oriented towards action. Feedback for managers, individuals and teams.

Easy for everyone

Easily discover what are the strengths and areas of opportunity of your staff. Visualize the dynamics of the organization in order to understand how and where to invest resources. Know what skills lead high performance staff to achieve their goals.

Multiple sources of information

Most organizations are complex. Obtaining feedback from employees does not have to be. With Sphere you get feedback from different perspectives quickly and easily.

Effective versatility

With Sphere you can calibrate your evaluations as you need. Take advantage of the versatility of our platform to modify and calibrate weights, rating scales, standardization levels and more...

Skills Inventory

Do you already have a skills and competencies catalog? Excellent! You can use it with our platform. You don't have one? Don't worry, you can use ours to form the foundations of your assessments.

Identify unknown talent

With Sphere you have the tool to provide anonymous honest feedback. Increase the engement of your staff using their experience as well as the organization dynamics to make informed decisions.

Instant Reports

Maximize the Return on Investment. Make decisions based on data and not assumptions. With Sphere you have immediate reports, gap analysis, talent maps, skills ranking and more ...

Designed to take action

Sphere is designed for and by leaders in Human Resources. The platform is completely oriented towards action. In Sphere we believe in the power of feedback. Really develop your staff with accurate and objective assessments.

Completely anonymous feedback

With Sphere, your staff is certain that their feedback and information is handled in a safe and anonymous manner. This allows them to have certainty and confidence to be truly honest when participating.

Foster a high performance culture

Empower your people by providing them the necessary tools to give and receive feedback in a safe and productive way. Create development plans based on current, reliable information.

Pilar Gonzalez

"Sphere helps us make immediate decisions to improve staff performance. It has many advantages over other tools due to its ease of use and its objectivity. Thanks to Sphere we are able to create development plans as well as succession plans to achieve the strategic objectives of the Human Resources Department"

Fausto Sandoval
Human Resources Manager - ESJ


Kalisch Chatarra
Kalisch Fierro y Acero

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Identify the strengths of your staff to manage their development effectively. Get feedback from the right people at the right time.

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Create a true high performance culture. Get everyone on the same path by creating and managing agile goals.

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How do people really feel? Measure how happy, frustrated or worn out your work team is. Get the necessary feedback to create an unstoppable culture.

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