A Proven Tool To Manage Staff Talent, Performance and Engagement

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Inspired by the culture of constant feedback, Sphere uses best practices to drive high performance

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Better understand your staff to effectively develop them. Get feedback from the right people at the right time.

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Create a true high performance culture. Get everyone on the same path by creating and managing agile goals.

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Sphere discovers how employees feel. Measure how happy, frustrated or worn out your employees are. Get the necessary feedback to create an unstoppable culture.

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Why Sphere?

Based on best practices

Integrate the information generated by multiple tools to uncover the reality.

  • Designed and backed by Human Resources experts
  • Focused on feedback, understanding and action
  • Platform in constant evolution

Boosts behavioral change

Allows people to identify their strengths and visualize their development.

  • Focus on what will have the greatest impact
  • Drive individuals, teams and leaders to act
  • Reveal what really matters

Feedback that works for everyone

Information shared across all levels of the organization.

  • Visualize patterns and trends throughout the company
  • Know which teams need help
  • Track initiatives and take action
  • Equip your managers with the tools to be leaders
Pilar Gonzalez

"Sphere has allowed us to establish performances evaluation processes that match the nature of our business as well as the challenges we have set for ourselves in order to drive high perfomance in leaders and teams."

Dra. Pilar Gonzalez
Director of organizational development - Gamma Partners
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